BKU-300 Modular Boiler House


Modular Boiler House BKU-300 is designed for water heating that is applied as a coolant in heating systems, water supply for dwelling and industrial facilities.

MBH is a unit that is equipped by process devices.

MBH type: built on

MBH is situated outdoors. It is installed in macroclimatic areas with a warm and moderate climate (category of location is 1 according to GOST 15150-69).

Minimum air temperature at the location area: minus 25ºС.

Maximum air temperature at the location area: plus 45ºС.

Designed snow load of 1.2kPa (120 kgf/m2) complies with the requirements of the 2nd territorial area and wind load of 0.48 kPa (480 kgf/m2) complies with the requirements of the 4th territorial area according to the construction rules and regulations SNiP 2.01.07-85.

Fire-resistance rating is in accordance with NBP-105-03−G.

Fire-resistance degree is IIIа.

Type of a fire proof wall: 2.

Seismicity of constructional area: 8 on the Richter scale.

MBH is to be operated in a closed heat-supply system.

Quality of delivery and make-up water is to meet GOST 2874-73 “Drinkable water”.

Basic specification of MBH is shown in the table below.

Useful heat output, kW306
Energy conversion efficiency, %92
Maximum operating water temperature at the boiler outlet, °С 90
Designed water temperature range in heating system, °С85÷60
Gas flow, m3/hr35,4
Operating water pressure in heating system, MPa (kg/cm2), not more0,3 (3,0)
Flow rate of hot water supply , kWupon request
Range of thermal power regulation in relation to nominal one, %60÷100
Gas pressure at the inlet before boilers in the MBH, kPa3
Main voltage, V380
Fuelnatural gas, liquid gas.
Flue gas ductupon request
Dimensions (length х width х height), m7,9 х 2,75 х 3,04
Weight, kg, not more10 000
Service life, years, not less 10

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