Oil Metering Systems (OMS) (analogue to commercial oil metering unit (COMU)

Oil Metering Systems (OMS) (analogue to commercial oil metering unit (COMU)


Oil metering systems (OMS) and crude oil metering systems (COMS) are designed for the following:

  • oil and oil products weight (volume) measurement by direct or indirect dynamic measurements;
  • measurement of technological and qualitative oil and oil products parameters (density, viscosity, moisture content, pressure, temperature);
  • display (reading values), processing and registration of the measuring results.


Configuration of OMS

A general type of OMS consists of a processing part and an information collection and processing system.

A basic configuration of the processing part:

  • filter unit (FU);
  • meter run unit (MRU);
  • oil quality metering unit (OQMU);
  • calibration rig unit (CRU);
  • information processing system (IPS).

The technological part can also include the following:

  • oil flow and pressure control skid;
  • portable connecting unit;
  • technological and draining pipelines.

OMS types

Upon customer’s request OMS can be installed:

  • outdoors: A base is a frame for installation in an open area or indoors;
  • indoors: Equipment is installed inside a block container that has a welded metal frame with thermal insulation.

A filter unit is designed to purify from any mechanical impurities and to prevent from clogging of working skids. OMS consists of two filters (working and backup) with a quick-detachable cover, inlet and outlet tanks, isolation valves, differential pressure sensors and manometers.

A meter run unit (MRU) is designed to measure an oil flow and to control oil parameters. The number and diameter of the measuring lines are determined by calculation depending on the maximum flow rate and the type of the applicable flow converter. The meter run unit consists of measuring lines, mass and volumetric flow converters, pressure and temperature sensors, flow regulators, a connection unit for a calibration rig, input and output tanks, isolation valves, leakage monitoring devices

An oil quality metering unit (OQMU) is designed to control and measure the quality parameters of the pumped oil and oil products. The main equipment of OQMU are circulating pumps (main and backup), fine filters (main and backup), in-line density transducers, in-line moisture transducers, flow viscosity transducers, flow transducers, temperature and pressure sensors, manometers and thermometers, automatic oil thieves, oil flow regulators, wash system and isolation valves.

A basic element of the calibration rig unit (CRU) is a mechanical displacement prover that is designed to check out of metrological parameters and for calibration of volume and weight parameters at the site.

An oil flow and pressure control skid is designed if it is any need and it is installed at the OMS outlet.

An information processing system (IPS) provides fulfillment of the following automatic functions: information collection, handling and recording as well as control of working modes of OMS.

Operating medium Сommercial (crude oil)
Working pressure, MPa, not more up to 10
Maximum range, m3/h (m3/day)* according to requirements in the design technical assignment
Oil density, kg/m3 700...950
Oil viscosity, cSt, not more 120
Temperature of a working medium, °С +5…+60
Temperature inside the unit, °С, not less +5
Ambient temperature, °С -60…+50
Climatic version, GOST 15150-69 * N, NF, F (U, UHL and HL in Russia)
Explosion and fire group of buildings, the Fire Code NPB-105-03 А
Voltage, V 220/380
Frequency, Hz 50
Working mode continuous/periodical
Overall dimensions, mm * according permissible dimensions for transportation
Weight, kg, not more * 25000

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