Electric Boiler Houses

A block-modular electric boiler house is a plant consisting of block modules and equipped with necessary equipment. The main source of fuel supply that ensures the function of the boiler house is electricity.
The electric boiler house provides heat energy, hot water supply or steam supply to residential, industrial, public and other buildings. This electric boiler house is efficient at sites where it is impossible to arrange the supply of other types of fuel. The equipment is often used as a backup source of hot water and heating.


The electric boiler houses operate without fail in automatic mode without requiring the constant presence of personnel that reduces labor and financial costs during boiler house operation.

For the infrastructure development of the boiler houses, no investment is required for the construction of the fuel supply system and related communications.

Electricity is one of the most affordable sources of energy that significantly reduces maintenance costs for the boiler room.

The compactness of the houses allows you to install them in confined spaces (small rooms, small-sized areas and other cramped areas). Besides, there is no need in additional space for fuel storage tanks.

The equipment of this type differs a high environmental friendliness (during its operation no air pollutants are emitted).


The electric boiler houses produced by BatysMunayGazZhabdyktary, LLP are manufactured at high-tech workshops of our Company, taking into account all regulations and industry standards. Experience and qualification of our specialists and wide production capabilities provide us opportunity to produce reliable electric boiler houses of any type and various configurations. The choice of the final configuration depends on the customers’ technical requirements and the features of the subsequent operation of the facility (climatic conditions, the volume of the heated room and others).

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