Power Stations (PRDPS, PRPS, DPS, fast-response PRDPS)

Power Stations (PRDPS, PRPS, DPS, fast-response PRDPS)

Application of power stations

Power systems are divided to:

• fast-response PRDPS (fast-response pressure-reducing and desuperheating power station);

• PRDPS (pressure-reducing and desuperheating power station);

• PRPS (pressure-reducing power station);

• DPS (desuperheating power station).

Power stations are designed to reduce steam pressure and temperature to the set range.

Pressure-reducing power stations are applied for boiler start-up, industrial exhaust redundancy of turbines in the circuits of power units of medium and low pressure, steam output in industrial exhaust, for own needs of electric power plants and if there is no any other sources of steam of the required parameters.

Name of parameter  Value
Maximum pressure of the primary steam, MPa  24
Maximum pressure of the reduced steam, MPa  10
Minimum pressure of the primary steam, MPa  0,7
Minimum pressure of the reduced steam, MPa  0,12
Maximum temperature of the primary steam, K  843
Minimum temperature of the reduced steam, K  403


The steam when enters the pressure-reducing and desuperheating power station after the inlet gate valve through the steam separator goes to the ejector of the globe valve, in which the pressure is reduced and cooled to the specified parameters.

Steam is cooled by water injecting directly into the body of the globe valve. The set values of steam pressure and temperature are maintained automatically by the pneumatic actuator of the globe valve. Water enters the valve through a separate line: through a needle valve and a gauze filter, then it enters the regulating shut-off valve that supplies the required amount of water with the set parameters to the ejector. This valve is controlled from an external signal. This signal depends on the temperature sensor readings.

For a complete shut-off (opening) of a cooling water line there are shut-off needle valves. A check valve is designed to protect against the return of water to the lines.

Description of power station operation

A pulse safety device is installed after a regulating valve. This pulse safety device consists of a main safety valve and a pulsed valve. Safety devices are adjusted that the actuation pressure does not exceed the values in the below table.

Working pressure Рw, MPa, in the tank of fast-response PRDPS, PRDPS Maximum allowable value, MPa
to 0.3 inclusive РР+0.05(РР+0.5)
more than 0.3 to 6 inclusive 1.15Рw
more than 6 1.1Рw

The pulse safety device is designed to protect equipment in case of a possible breakthrough of a non-reduced steam when the regulating valve is out of operation. A controlling pulsed valve of main safety valve discharges a working medium excess in the atmosphere.


Presentation of power installations

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