Gas pressure regulators

The hydraulic operation of the gas distribution system is controlled by pressure regulators that automatically maintain a constant pressure at the point of the pulse selection regardless of the gas consumption intensity. During pressure regulation the initial higher pressure is reduced to the final lower one. This is achieved by automatically changing of the opening rate of the regulator throttling element and as a result the hydraulic resistance of the passing gas flow automatically changes.

Depending on the pressure maintained (location of the control point in the gas pipeline) the pressure regulators are divided into backpressure regulators that regulate inlet pressure and pressure regulators that regulate outlet pressure. Only pressure regulators are used for GDS (GCU).

The automatic pressure regulator consists of an actuating device and a regulating element. A main part of the actuating device is a detecting element that compares the signals from the sensor and the current value of the controlled pressure. The actuating device converts the command signal into a control action and in the corresponding movement of the movable part of the regulating element by means of the energy of the working medium (this can be the energy of the gas passing through the regulator or the energy of the medium (electric power, compressed air, hydraulic power) from an external source).

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