PGB-15V-2-0.6-OG-U1-SG gas regulating units

PGB-15V-2-0.6-OG-U1-SG gas regulating unit are designed for gas purification from mechanical impurities, commercial gas flow measuring, pressure reducing from high to medium and automatic maintenance of the pressure within the specified limits, automatic gas supply shut-off during an emergency increasing or decreasing of outlet pressure beyond allowable values, automatic collection, recording and remote transmission of information about the unit operation. The unit is applied in gas distribution and gas consumption systems.
The unit is designed for operation outdoors in macroclimatic areas with moderate climate (N) and the 1st location category.
Designed snow load 120 kgf/m2 conforms the requirements of the 2nd territorial area; wind load 38 kgf/m2 as well conforms the requirements of the 3rd territorial area.
In the compartment with processing equipment explosion hazard area class is V-1a and complies with the requirements of the Russian Electrical Code (PUE).
Fire hazard category of the unit complies with the Russian fire safety regulations NPB 105-03:
– processing compartment – A;
– in compartment with control instruments and automation and heating –G.
Basic parameters and description are shown in the below Table 1.

Table 1

Name of parameter Value
1 2
Setting range of regulator outlet pressure:
outlet 1 (Рout1), MPa
outlet 2 (Рout2), MPa
Setting range for the spring-loaded dump valve actuation, MPa 0,3 …0,7
ДSetting range for the safety shut-off valve actuation:
during decreasing of outlet pressure, MPa
during increasing of outlet pressure, MPa
Measuring system KI-STG-B-150/1600-10А-I-M
Gas meter STG-150-1600
Gas volume corrector BK-10А-І
Measuring range (Qmin /Qmax) 1:30
Qmin, m3/h under normal conditions 50
Qmax, m3/h under normal conditions 1600
Absolute pressure range, MPa 0,1…1,0
Gas temperature range, °С -20…+50
1 2
Limits of allowable relative error of volume measuring, %:
- flow range from 0.2 Qmax to Qmax
- flow range from Qmin to 0.2 Qmax
Maximum capacity of the gas flow measuring unit under inlet pressure Рin=0.3 MPa (Рin=Рout – unit operation without reduction):
outlet 1, m3/h
outlet 2, m3/h
Maximum pressure differential in measuring system, kPa 2,45
Filtering efficiency for particles of 10 µm, %, not less 98
Maximum filter differential, kPa, not more 10
Overall dimensions, not more (LхWхH), m 6,55х3,12х3,1
Weight, not more, kg 7000

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