Isolation, Switching and Cut-off Valve Units (IVU, SVU, CVU)

Isolation, Switching and Cut-off Valve Units (IVU, SVU, CVU)


Isolation valve unit (IVU), switching valve unit (SVU) and cut-off valve unit (CVU) are designed for distribution, purification and measurement of natural gas flow rate of liquid hydrocarbons, chemical liquids and industrial water (hereinafter referred to as pumped medium), distributed to separate process facilities with operating pressure up to 16 MPa and as well for protection of tanks and flowlines from overpressure, for flow cut-off when there is a burst of flowlines.

Operating conditions of these units

IVU, SVU and CVU are designed for operation in macroclimatic regions with moderate (N) and boreal climate (NF) as well in regions with cold climate (F). Climatic type of the unit is chosen on the basis of construction area according to the requirements of GOST 15150-69.

Configuration of the units

The equipment of units is mounted on a welded frame and is located in a heat-insulated unit.

The explosive zone class of the technological unit is V1a.

The technological compartment includes:

  • lines of pipelines;
  • drainage system with a drainage tank;
  • isolation control valves of the pipeline and drainage system;
  • filters;
  • sensors and signalling indicators;
  • ventilation, heating and lightning system.

Electrical equipment that is installed in the technological compartment of the unit (room heaters, lighting, fan, sensors) is controlled from a control cabinet

According to the customer’s technical design assignment the units (IVU, SVU, CVU) are manufactured taking into account the following:

  • nominal operating pressure;
  • nominal diameter of pipeline;
  • quantity and configuration of insulation control valves
  • flow meter, other meters availability;
  • type and model of flow meter, etc.;
  • filter availability;
  • quantity and configuration of automatic control and instrumentation;
  • ventilation system;
  • type of unit;
  • heating system availability.


Parameter name Value
Nominal pressure, MPa from 1.2 to 16
Input/output nominal diameter of tubes, mm upon customer’s request
Number of outputs up to 9
Ambient temperature, °С from – 60 to +40
Main voltage, V 220
Emergency voltage, V 220
Overall dimensions, mm Taking into account allowable dimensions for transportation
Weight, kg, not more 15000

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