Cyclone dust collectors (CDC)

Cyclone dust collectors (CDC)


A cyclone dust collector (CDC) пis designed for natural and other gas purification from dry mechanical impurities and dropping liquid at main pipelines. CDC is installed at main and processing pipelines.
CDC is a vertical vessel with an elliptic head and bottom, inlet and outlet tubes. CDC are installed on a support. At the bottom of the support there are holes for foundation bolts.
The cyclone dust collectors (CDC) are installed outdoors.
A natural purifying gas is supplied to the cyclone dust collector through an inlet tube. Entering inside gas impacts to a baffle and as the result big drops of liquid settle down to the baffle surface and then they flow down to an upper cavity of a condensate collection tank. The baffle is situated at an angle to the inlet tube that is why gas flow after its contact with the baffle is supplied peripheral in the inner part of the CDC. Liquid that is condensable on the walls flows down to the upper cavity of the condensate collection tank. If the upper limit is reached then condensate is discharged by an excessive pressure to the condensate collection tank through a small tube. Then partially purified gas is supplied in parallel working cyclones. At the inlet to these cyclones there are blades that are welded at an angle to a tube that is allowed to spin a gas flow. Under the action of centrifugal forces, the gas is purified from mechanical impurities and the remaining dropping liquid.
Products after purification accumulate in the lower cavity of the housing. When the upper limit level is reached, just by the valve opening (not in the scope of delivery), the cleaning products are discharged into the condensate collection tank. A purified gas enters a main pipeline through the outlet pipe.

Name of parameter Value
Working pressure, MPa 0,3-10,0
Working medium Natural gas with mechanical impurities and liquid (condensate, methanol, water)
Working temperature of medium, 0С минус 10-плюс 50
Minimum temperature of the wall, 0С минус (60-50)

Purification rate, %

particles up to 5 µm
particles up to 10 µm
particles up to 20 µm



Capacity, m3/h from 20,000 to 1,000,000
Diameter of the body, mm 1000...1400
Diameter of inlet and outlet tubes, mm 150,200,300,400
Thickness of the wall, mm calculation is necessary
Nominal diameter of conic cyclonic element, mm calculation is necessary
Number of conic cyclonic elements, pcs. calculation is necessary
Climatic version N, F
Allowable magnitude on the Richter scale 8
Tank group 1


пылеуловителя циклонного типа ПЦТ, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктарыпылеуловителя циклонного типа ПЦТ, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктары

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