Modular-packaged electrical power plant (MEPP)

Modular-packaged electrical power plant (MEPP)


Modular-packaged electrical power plant (MEPP) are designed to supply electricity generated by gas piston engines or microturbines during gaseous or liquid fuel combustion (in the case of microturbines operating on gaseous and liquid fuels) and providing heat energy (heating, hot water, air conditioning, refrigeration equipment) by utilizing exhaust energy gases of various facilities that are situated far from stationary power networks and the operate in an autonomous mode or that require small electric and thermal power energy.

Area of MEPP application

  • installation at oil and gas production and processing fields for their power supply and heat supply;
  • installation on main and field oil and gas pipelines and their offtakes in places where there are no power lines for supplying electricity to control and monitoring equipment, electrochemical protection, etc., as well as supplying heat to the points for control and management;
  • installation in places that are far from traditional energy sources in order to supply electricity and heat to enterprises and equipment, shift camps, small settlements, individual buildings and residential buildings;
  • in the presence of stationary power grids, installation in cities and towns for electricity and heat supply of separate production facilities, groups of public and residential buildings, sports and recreational facilities, educational institutions, hospitals and separate buildings

MEPP can be applied as:

  • main sources of electricity and heat energy in an autonomous mode;
  • a separate network formed by clusters of several MEPPs having a single control system;
  • sources operating in parallel with stationary power networks with an integrated control system.

In all MEPP application variants a feature is its possibility to integrate its control systems into a superior telemechanics system. This allows a real-time monitoring of the technological parameters and MEPP operating modes as well as to conduct diagnostics or to make changes. During MEPP operation its control systems form archival data of parameters, technological errors, accidents, operating time, etc.

MEPP includes the following:

  • unit (containers) with necessary engineering systems. This unit is divided in functional compartments that depends on MEPP configuration;
  • apparatus and control compartments including power cabinets, control cabinets, telemetry and communication devices as well as electrical equipment (upon request);
  • processing compartment with a main power source;
  • processing compartment with a backup power source (if backup is necessary);

Basic systems that operate MEPP:

  • control and monitoring system;
  • telemetry and communication system;
  • working and emergency lighting system;
  • heating system (cogeneration mode application);
  • air conditioning and ventilation system;
  • fire alarm and security system;
  • gas contamination control system;
  • automatic fire extinguishing system (if necessary).

MEPP advantages:

  • it takes up minimum space. It is simple to install and start-up (MEPP are delivered to the site ready-to-operate) without additional costs;
  • low operating costs;
  • a wide range of gaseous fuels in terms of chemical composition and calorific value;
  • high reliability during operation, a large engine life, long service period;
  • a combined generation of electricity and heat - cogeneration;
  • a reliable autonomous electricity and heat supply;
  • possibility of working in parallel with stationary power networks;
  • ability to create clusters of the required power with a single control system a high degree of automation, ability to integrate into a superior telecontrol system with remote control in real time;
  • independence from constantly growing tariffs for electricity and heat of centralized networks;
  • good environmental characteristics: minimum emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere;
  • low noise and vibration.

MEPP climate version in accordance with GOST 15150-69:

  • for N1 version from - 40 to + 50 °C;
  • for F1 version from - 60 to + 45 °C.

Modular-packaged electrical power plant (MEPP) operates in containers with IP54 protection degree against dust and moisture. Automatic control systems of MEPP have a channel for connecting RS485 external remote telemetry system with the Modbus RTU data exchange protocol.


Parameters UoM Models of generators
    Capstone microturbines Calnetix microturbines
Electric power kW 30 65 200 100
Energy conversion efficiency of electric power % 26±2 29±2 33±2 30±1
General energy conversion efficiency (with heat recovery) % 80-90 66-90 >75
Voltage at 3-phase output W 380-480 400/230
Maximum current force in phase A 46 100 275-290 200
Type of fuel   gas / kerosene, diesel fuel gas / diesel fuel gas
Input working pressure bar 0.35-1.05 0.02-1.05 0,034-0,0345
Gaseous fuel flow rate at rated load нм3/час 12 23 65 34
Maximum temperature of burned gases оС 275 309 280 293
Hazardous substances emissions at 15% О2 during exhaust   <9 ppmV NOx
<40 ppm V CO
<24ppmV NOx
<25 ppm V CO
Noise level at the distance of 10 meters дБ 58 70 65 <62
Rated revolution of generator rmp/min 96000 60000 68000
Service life before overhaul hr 60000 40000
Design service life hr 180000** 120000**
Generator length мм 1516 1956 3660 310
Weight of generator in auto mode kg 478 758 3180 1860
In parallel with network   651 1121 3640 2040
Length of a micro thermal power unit& without a backup source mm 6000 7500 7000

* For MEPP that are in a cluster from three YANMAR diesel generators with backup
**Service life specified by manufacturers.
& MEPP on the basis of YANMAR diesel generators for cluster from three diesel generators; MEPP on the basis of micro turbines without backup..

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