АГРС - мини

Mini AGDS consists of a single unit that includes the following control equipment that is installed inside this single unit: a switching unit, a purification unit, a gas flow metering unit and an odorization unit. The unit is divided into two compartments: the first one is a control unit that is equipped by processing equipment and hydrate buildup prevention unit; the second one is a boiler house where boilers for coolant heating, an automatic control system, power supply, communication, telemechanics, heating and ventilation are placed. The processing compartment has a special place for a gas odorizer. This place is separated from a communal area by gas proof walls. Access to the gas odorizer is from outdoors. This single unit of mini AGDS has an all-welded frame structure that is insulated with a mineral plate based on basalt fiber; the external walls are plated with metal siding and the internal walls are plated with a corrugated iron.

Equipment and pipelines in the compartments are fastened to the frame and frame elements. The dividing walls between the compartments, as well as the sealing of the pipe and cable routing, are sealed. The unit has a single supporting metal frame and a reinforced metal frame. The degree of fire resistance is not lower than the second degree. The designed snow load of 240 kgf/m2 conforms to the requirements of the 4th territorial area and the wind load of 38 kgf/m2 conforms to the 3rd territorial area.


Узел замера расхода газа Отсек одоризацииУзел подогрева газаУзел редуцирования


Name Value
Gas pressure at the inlet of AGDS (Рin) 1.2-7.5 MPa (to 10.0 MPa);
Gas pressure at the outlet of AGDS (Рout) 0.3-1.2 MPa;
Basic rated gas flow of AGDS between pressure Рin=2.2 kgf/cm2 and Рout.=0.6 kgf/cm2 (at gas temperature of 0 °С) 1,170 Nm33/h
Inlet nominal diameter (DNin), mm at inlet pressure (Рin) 2.2 MPa (at gas temperature of 0 °С) 50
Outlet nominal diameter (DNout), mm at out pressure (Рout) 0.6 MPa (at gas temperature of 0 °С) 50
Backup of the reduction system flowrate 100% backup;
Accuracy of gas pressure maintenance at the AGDS outlet ± 5%
Odorization automatic
Emergency alarm remote transmission of common emergency alarm
Electric power. Power consumption, kW 220V to 3.0
Number of outlets to a consumer One (more than one is on request)
Dimensions, m 11.0x3.0x3.0 m
Weight, not more than 12 t

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