Modular Heat Supply Stations (MHSS)

Modular Heat Supply Stations (MHSS)

Area of usage:

Modular Heat Supply Station is a package with equipment, control and measuring devices that control heat consumption modes in heat supply systems of facilities. Water, vapor, glycolic solutions can be applied as coolant.

Modular Heat Supply Station is applied in boiler houses, energy and industrial enterprises or other heating units as a heat energy regulator that keeps heat at the specified level. Using MHSS in heating systems, hot water supply systems and in ventilation effectively help to distribute energy and to measure its flow rate as well to decrease energy consumption.



water, vapor, glycolic solutions..



 Pressure in a supply pipeline, not more, MPa  1,6
 Coolant temperature in a supply pipeline, not more, °С 150
Pressure differential in a supply and return pipelines, ΔР not less, Pa 0,15
Connection drawing to a heating network  independent


Modular Heat Supply Station consists of:

Heat metering and recording skid

A main purpose is to measure thermal energy and to clean coolant. The heat metering and recording unit is manufactured individually in accordance with the requirements of a specific heat supply organization, therefore it is supplied as a separate unit.

Hydraulic control skid

It is designed for a failure-free operation of hydraulic modes of heating system, hot water supply systems and ventilation. Each section installed on a separate frame that is why each section can be applied as a separate item in the system.

Inflow skid

It is designed to keep a constant volume of coolant and to maintain static pressure in heat consumption system.


Modular Heat Supply Station is equipped by a full set of automated control devices. The key element of the control and automation system is a controller that allows you to adjust coolant flow, temperature and pressure and maintain them at the specified parameters. During emergency situations and planned work stops, it performs a protective function, carrying out timely notification and archiving.


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