Automated Process Control System (APCS) of a Gas Metering Station (GMS)

Системы автоматизированного управления технологическими процессами САУ ТП ГИС


A continuous automatic control of technological parameters, implementation of protection functions, remote and automatic control of GMS basic and auxiliary equipment ensure continuous gas transportation, recording and archiving of information on GMS state.


APCS of GMS consists of a set of technical equipment for automatic control of all process facilities situated in the GMS territory.

Basic technical equipment is the following:

  • process control system (PCS) in GMS;
  • PCS cabinet;
  • control cabinet of valves and regulators;
  • control cabinet of a pig launcher and receiver unit;
  • distributed I/O system;
  • workstation (server + client);
  • central archive server;
  • operator’s workstation (client).

Technical equipment can be changed on the basis of a design technical assignment submitted by a customer.


  •  automatic information collection from sensors and detectors of process parameters;
  •  control of circuit continuity of analog sensors via the level of the input analog signal, the reliability of analog parameters;
  •  automatic collection and processing of information about the operating modes, the status of the main and auxiliary equipment and the position of isolation valves;
  •  formation of signaling system about pre-emergency and emergency situations, unauthorized changes in the state of process equipment, deviations from parameters beyond process settings;
  •  display of information and signals of abnormal situations on the control panel (operator’s panel) of the automation cabinet or on the display screen of the GMS operator's workstation;
  •  gas flow measurement with data accumulation on hourly, daily, monthly and annual gas flow rate for GMS consumers;
  •  information exchange with remote and/or local operators’ workstations via interface communication channels;
  •  recording and archiving of information on the GMS state, emergency messages, operators’ actions during station control with data safety within at least 30 days at the operator's workstation, maintenance of the emergency archive on the controller equipment;
  •  automatic implementation of control algorithms of actuating units;
  •  remote control of isolation valves and other process equipment from the control panel and (or) from the operator's workstation in accordance with the work procedure;
  •  control of the equipment integrity with a fault signaling at the upper control level.

Configuration of APCS of GMS can be specified only on the basis of a project and data provided by a Customer in our questionnaire.

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