Safety valves with an elastic shutter (SVE)

Клапаны предохранительные с эластичным затвором КПЭ


Dangerous production facilities of oil and gas complex, gas distribution network and gas consumption.

Purpose of usage

The valves are designed automatically to maintain gas pressure "up to itself" and relieve the excess pressure in accordance with its flowrate.

The valves are installed on gas pipelines of low, medium and high pressure, as well as at gas regulating stations.


The range of controlled pressure is 0.3-4.0 MPa. Nominal pressure PN is 10.0 MPa. Climatic version is moderately cold climate (NF) category 2 in accordance with GOST 15150-69.


The valves consist of pilot regulators RD-PS and valves with an elastic shutter KGO, used as an actuating device with a nominal diameter from 25 to 200 mm.


The valves are installed in discharge pipelines, while pulsed gas for the pilot regulator RD-PS is taken from the working gas pipeline in front of the valve. When a working pressure in the gas pipeline does not exceed pressure limit, the valve is closed. When pressure limit is exceeded, the valve is opened and gas is vented, until gas pressure decreases to normal value.

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