Power Control Shelter (Unit)

Power Control Shelter (Unit)


Telemetry and communication shelter (unit) is designed to collect, process, storage and transmission of signals from a line part of pipelines as well as from equipment of processing facilities.

Telemetry and communication shelter configuration

  • heat-insulated shelter (unit)
  • uninterruptible power supply system. Backup power supply source
  • ventilation system
  • conditioning system
  • lighting system (indoor and outdoor)
  • fire and security alarm system; firefighting system
  • automatic control life supporting system
  • telemetry cabinet
  • communication cabinet

Telemetry cabinet Communication cabinet

The shelter (unit) is a designed equipment with different configuration. Configuration is specified in a questionnaire that is filled in by a customer or in a design assignment.

Type of shelter Outdoor dimensions, mm Door opening Weight, kg
length width height
Type No. 1 6200 2500 2900 800 800х2100
Type No. 2 8000 2800 2900 800 800х2100
Specification of processing parameters of the shelter
Name of parameters UoM Value
Ambient temperature °С - 60 °С +50 °С
Floor load кг/м2 1200
Ceiling load кг/м2 200
Fire resistance degree noncombustible material, fire resistance degree: II, It meets the Construction Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2.02 -05-2009
Heat-transfer coefficient W/m•°С 0,04

Installation option

шелтер телеметрии и связи

Telemetry and communication shelter (unit) based on reinforced concrete blocks

Telemetry and communication shelter (unit) based on metal poles

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