LPG Odorization Unit (CIU, GO, LPG)

LPG Odorization Unit (CIU, GO, LPG)

LPG Odorization Unit: Application

LPG Odorization Unit (liquefied petroleum gas) is designed for a standardized injection of odorant in LPG flow that is supplying through a pipeline. This odorant makes a special odour to LPG flow that helps to find leakages in time.

LPG Odorization Unit supplies a necessary amount of odorant into LPG pipeline.

This unit is designed to operate on a continuous basis without constant maintenance together with regulated service within the period of a planned shutdown and process equipment inspection.

Operation Conditions

LPG Odorization Unit (CIU, GO, LPG) is designed for operation in macroclimatic areas with moderate climate (N), boreal climate (NF) as well as in regions with cold climate (F). Climatic modification of the unit is chosen depending on construction area and according to the requirements of GOST 15150-69.


CIU, GO, LPG is designed as a modular unit. Equipment of processing and hardware units is installed in a welded frame and is situated in a heat insulated room.

The following basic elements are installed in a processing compartment:

  • a dosing pump (an electric dosing and leak-proof surge pump) that provides a constant volumetric dosing;
  • a vessel under pressure up to 1.6 MPa that is designed for storage and usage of odorant. This vessel is equipped by inlet, outlet and drainage pipes, a safety valve, a nitrogen supply system, a level sensor, a pressure (upon request);
  • a tank for neutralizer storage with volume up to 0.2 m3;
  • a filter strainer with a clogging indicator in an intake line into the odorant tank;
  • a piping system of a pressure and intake line of dosing pumps, that includes additional equipment upon customer’s request;
  • flow meter at the pressure line of the pump, that is designed to regulate an injection dose of odorant in the LPG;
  • ventilation system, lightning and heating systems;
  • instrumentation and automatic devices designed to control technical parameters and control points;
  • a hardware unit is designed to control electric equipment. This unit includes a control cabinet, a power control box and additional equipment that are installed in a processing unit.
    Automation and control volume provides the following functions:
  • control of the odorant dose;
  • correction of odorant flow rate;
  • automatic metering of odorant flow rate;
  • control of the odorant level in the vessel;
  • information output on the lack of odorant in the storage tank;
  • alarm signals output when a mode of operation is violated;
  • control and diagnostics of the process of the dosing pump operation.

The composition of the equipment in the unit and unit modifications is determined by the Customer in accordance with the questionnaire or design

Example of one of CIU, GO, LPG modification


The above shown LPG odorization unit for liquids consists of two units: a processing unit (V-1A explosive hazard class) and a hardware unit (general purpose industrial version) that is installed beyond explosive area.

The processing unit includes the following:

  • a tank with volume of 0.3 m3 and operating pressure of 16 kgf/cm2 (1.6MPa) that is equipped with intake, outlet and drainage pipes, nitrogen supply system (a pipe, SENS solenoid valve and a check valve), SPPK4R safety valve, with a discharge to flare system, PMP-062 level sensor, Metran pressure sensor, a manometer;
  • odorant dosing system that is based on a separate welded frame with a tank. This system includes the following:
    • Milton Roy dosing membrane pump (1 working / 1 backup) with flow rate of 2 L/h and a working pressure of 25 kgf/cm2 (2.5 MPa) with a membrane flow part made of stainless steel with a remote control by an executive multiturn device (regulating depth is 0-100%), with a safety valve, dosing accuracy is ±1%; explosion-proof sensor of membrane blow-out;
    • a calibration cylinder of 1.5 L;
    • a piping system of a pressure and intake line of dosing pumps, that includes a pipe Ø10х1 connected by fittings, pressure snubbers, safety valves, solenoid valves with remote flow control, pressure sensor, monometer, check valve and flow meter at the pressure line to control odorant injection in LPG pipeline;
    • drainage line for emergency odorant discharge and a vent line for nitrogen system blowdown;
  • ventilation system that is working as an exhaust ventilation of periodical action. This ventilation carries out an eight time air exchange with air intake from the lower area of the room. Air is supplied through a vent grid;
  • electrical heating.

Hardware unit includes the following:

  • control cabinet;
  • power control box;
  • chokes;
  • ventilation through a vent grid;
  • electrical heating.

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