Modular Boiler Plant (MBP)

Modular Boiler Plant (MBP)


Modular Boiler Plants are successfully applied in the systems both private and industrial consumption. They are designed to supply heating and hot water. Onrush gasification in the Republic of Kazakhstan makes fuel available that is why boiler plants are in demand.

Not only natural gas but also associated oil and liquid gases can be used as a fuel for these plants.


  • High efficiency. Energy conversion efficiency of the boiler plants using gas as a main fuel is 95%;
  • Profitability. Gas is one of the most affordable and inexpensive types of fuel, so its use allows significantly save the cost to maintenance of the entire boiler room;
  • It occupies small space. For MBP functioning there is no need for additional storage space for fuel. it is sufficient to connect MBP to the main gas pipeline. In addition, the equipment of the gas boiler house is less dimensioned than in other types of such plants;
  • Environmentally friendly. Modern production technologies used in our company allow minimizing the risk of environmental pollution from the operation of gas boiler houses;


At the production base of BatysMunaiGazZhabdyktary, LLP our team manufactures gas boiler houses of various types, taking into account the designation of a particular installation, the required power capacity and operating conditions. Highly qualified specialists of our company carry out competent designing of gas boiler plants that guarantees the economy of consumption of consumed fuel and life length of this boiler plant. All calculations are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements established by the Construction regulations (SNiP) and individual features of the future boiler plant. Instrumentation and control systems developing by our company allow effectively and autonomously to control technological processes in the boiler room, that is, without the presence of employees directly at the facility.



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