Automated Process Control System (APCS) of an Oil Treatment Unit (OTU)

Системы автоматизированного управления технологическими процессами САУ ТП УПН

APCS application

An automated process control system (APCS) of an oil treatment unit (OTU) is designed for an automatic control of technological processes of OTU, for an automatic control of specialists’ activities in processes and production monitoring and control, for arrangement of a current operating control (monitoring) of processing mode of device operation and settings of OTU, for a high efficiency of technological processes of OUT.

APCS functions

  • an operating control of OTU parameters;
  • a programmable and logic control of the equipment;
  • an automatic control of working modes of the equipment;
  • time tracking of equipment operation and flowrate of gas, water and oil.
  • a long-term storage of an operating information;
  • generation of reports, etc.;
  • diagnostics of APCS equipment of OTU.

APCS structure

APCS of OTU represents a programmable and logic system that controls and regulates the following technological process and equipment:

1) Primary automation devices (sensors, transmitters, local control devices, actuators). Main purposes are:

  • processing parameter transformation into information signals
  • control signal transformation into control action.

2) Equipment with local systems of automation (chemical injection units; line heaters; oil, gas and electric power metering skids, etc.);

3) Control stations. Main purposes are:

  • collection and primary processing of information;
  • implementation of automatic algorithms, a programmable and logic control, protection and blocking;
  • data exchange with an upper level and command actuation of the upper level.

4) Multifunctional operator’s workstation. Main purposes are:

  • real-time data collection from a controlled facility;
  • integration of all elements of the system in one information control system;
  • actuation of HMI functions;
  • technological process monitoring;
  • operating control of the technological process.

5) Database server. Main purposes are:

  • a long-term storage of an operating information;
  • providing access to an archival information via standard means of the database.


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