Automobile Gas Filling Compressor Stations (AGFCS)

Automobile Gas Filling Compressor Stations (AGFCS)

Today automobile gas filling compressor stations are the only real alternative to filling stations selling liquid fuels. There are several thousands of AGFCS worldwide including more than two hundred of such stations in Russia.

AGFCS: Application

AGFCS are designed for preparation, compression and fueling up of compressed gas vehicles with a compressed natural gas being used as a motor fuel.

AGFCS consists of:

1. Gas treatment and metering unit (GTMU)

2. Compressor air unit (CAU)

3. Gas distribution unit (GDU)

4. Tanks

5. Fuel-filling column (FFC)

6. Automatic control system (ACS)

AGFCS: Specification

Name Value
Compressed gas natural gas
Compressor type piston-type, IODM 115-3-16
Inlet pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 1.4-1.7 (14-17)
Flow rate, Nm3/h  1230-1500
Gas pressure filling in an automobile, not more than, MPa (kgf/cm2)  20 (200)
Gas pressure in the tanks for filling up, not more than, MPa (kgf/cm2)  25 (250)
 Number of automobiles being filling up within 24 hours with an estimated volume of single refueling of 55 m3  500
Concentration of hydrogen sulfide in natural gas, g/m3, not more than  0,02


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