GRPSH-32 Cabinet type gas control unit


Cabinet type gas control units are designed to decrease high and medium gas pressure to a low one and its maintenance at the required level in gas supply systems of dwelling buildings and other facilities.



GRPSH- 32(К)/3GRPSH- 32(К)/6GRPSH- 32(К)/10
Diameter of the valve seat3610
Inlet working pressure, MPa, max.1,20,60,3
Maximum flow rate, m3/hr, not less 64105100
Setting range of outlet pressure, kPa (MPa)2,0-2,5(0,002-0,0025)

Sizes for connection of inlet tubes, mm

Sizes for connection of outlet tubes, mm



Overall dimensions, mm625х525х565(710x623x480)
Weight, kg, not more10

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