GSGO/25 Gas control cabinet


A gas control cabinet is designed to reduce natural hydrocarbon and other non-aggressive gases from high pressure to a required level of pressure and its maintenance in allowable range in gas supply systems of dwelling (from 10 to 500 houses), industrial and agricultural facilities.



Name of parameterGSGO (00)GSGO (02)GSGO (04)GSGO (06)GSGO (08)GSGO (10)GSGO (12)
Working mediumnatural gas
Pressure at CGCU inlet, MPa1,2
Throughout capacity of CGCU during pressure regulator working m3/hr at pressure of 0.1-1.2 MPa320 - 5200
Air temperature inside the cabinet from 5 to 40 °С
Type of coolantcombustion products of natural gas
Heat power of the burner (kW) at pressure of 2000 Pa, not more1,1
Gas consumption to the burner (infrared radiation), m3/hr at pressure of 2000 Pa, not more0,1
Make-time of the burner, snot more 90
Shutdown time of the burner during gas supply cutting-off, s, not more90
Overall dimensions, mm1900х650х1560
Weight, kg, not more450

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