Liquid fuel boiler houses


Packaged liquid fuel boiler houses are reliable and are effective sources for heating and hot water supply to various facilities. The boiler houses of this type are successfully operated both in small private premises and in large public buildings including industrial enterprises. Mazut, oil, diesel, diesel fuel, waste oil and other types of liquid fuel are used for boiler house function.


  • Efficiency. The use of advanced technologies for the production of packaged liquid fuel boiler houses allows minimizing energy and, therefore, financial costs for maintaining the boiler houses.

  • Wide functionality. The high level of automation and technological equipment of the supplied packaged boiler houses on liquid fuel allows ensuring uninterrupted operation of heat supply systems of any level.

  • Easy installation. Utility systems and labor-intensive foundation work are not required for the liquid-fuel boiler houses.

  • High degree of automation. The boiler house is controlled from the outside without a constant presence of personnel. It is achieved by installing special equipment.


The specialists of BatysMunaiGazZhabdyktary, LLP are competent in designing liquid fuel boiler houses on the basis of construction regulations (SNiP) and other technical standards, fire and environmental safety standards as well as in accordance with the requirements of a Customer. We sell boiler houses of various configurations: portable, stationary, roof covered. Type of technological equipment installed inside our houses is based on individual features of the project. The houses are thoroughly tested and are delivered ready-to-operate at the place of operation.

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