Pulsed Gas Tank

Pulsed Gas Tank

A pulsed gas tank is designed for storage of emergency dry gas that is supplied to pneumatic or pneumohydraulic drives of various valves being applied at main gas pipelines and AGDS, compressor stations (CS), fuel and pulsed gas treatment station, gas metering station, etc. This tank is necessary during emergency situations connecting with loss-of-piping integrity.

The pulsed gas tank can be placed on the ground or underground.

Basic specification

Volume, m3 1,5 1,8 3
Operating gas pressure, MPa 7,5 5,4 7,5
Allowable wall temperature, min °C минус 40
Type underground ground
Shell (Ø×S), mm 1020×20
Dimensions (L×W×H), mm2590×1190×2560 2990×1190×2560 4590×1190×1750
Weight, kg 1430 1630 2680
Material of basic parts 09Г2С К60

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