RDNK gas pressure regulators

Регуляторы давления газа РДНК

RDNK gas pressure regulators are equipped with a device that provides an automatic gas cut-off during emergency pressure increase or decrease beyond the allowable values.


Specification регулятора давления газа


Name of parameterRDNK-32/3RDNK-32/6RDNK-32/10RDNK-50RDNK-50ПRDNK-400
Regulating mediumПриродный газ по ГОСТ 5542-87
Diameter of the saddle, mm3610 - - - -
Maximum inlet pressure, MPa1,20,60,31,21,20,60,6
Working inlet pressure, MPa0,01-1,20,01-0,60,01-0,30,1-1,20,1-1,20,1-0,60,1-0,6
Throughout capacity, m3/h1,3-644-10511-100120-900120-900120-600120-600
Drooping, %, not more±10±10±10±10±10±10±10
Pressure for safety relief valve actuation during increase of maximum outlet pressure after the regulator kPa, not more2,3-2,92,3-2,92,3-2,92,3-4,04,0-5,32,3-4,04,0-5,8
Inside diameter, mm32323250505050
Range of pressure setting for the shut-off device actuation, kPa during decrease of outlet pressure0,6-1,90,6-1,90,6-1,90,6-2,50,6-2,50,6-2,5(0,6-2,5)*
Range of pressure setting for the shut-off device actuation, kPa during increase of outlet pressure2,5-3,132,5-3,132,5-3,132,5-4,44,4-6,32,5-4,4(4,4-6,3)*
Setting range of outlet pressure, kPa2,0-2,52,0-2,52,0-2,52,0-2,53,5-5,02,0-3,53,5-5,0
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm, not more220x480x325220x480x325220x480x325260x515x325260x515x364260x515x364250x515x364
Construction length , mm120120120230230230230
Weight, kg, not more12121219191919
 * These parameters are provided by installation of replaceable springs from the set of supply with a red line.   

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