Gas treatment unit (GTU)

Gas treatment unit (GTU)

Use Permit No. РРС 00-04-11 000 356

Area of usage

Gas treatment unit (GTU) (is designed for purification, measurement and continuity of the purified natural gas supply to booster compressor units, gas purification for gas turbine plants (GTP), for construction of steam and gas units (SGU) as well for fuel, started and pulsed gas supply to compressor stations with gas turbine and gas compressor units for own needs with a gas turbine drive.

This unit is applied in gas supply facilities of compressor stations, thermal power plants and state district power stations.

пункт блок подготовки газа ППГ БППГ, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктарыПункт подготовки газа ППГ, БППГ, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктары

Configuration of the unit:

  • gas purification unit (skid)
  • gas flow measurement unit/skid for commercial needs (according to a technical design assignment)
  • automatic control system ACS TP and instrumentation and automation equipment.

пункт блок подготовки газа ППГ БППГ, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктарыпункт блок подготовки газа ППГ БППГ, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктарыпункт блок подготовки газа ППГ БППГ, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктарыпункт блок подготовки газа ППГ БППГ, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктары

A final set and a number of units and skids are specified in the technical design assignment.

Technical equipment of GTU provides a high degree of gas purification (2–5 µm), full removal of liquefied fractions, automatic condensate discharge into the tank, gas flow measurement for commercial usage including usage of 4-path ultrasonic flow meters, measurement of qualitative indicators of the supplied natural gas by chromatographs and calorimeters. GTU process flow diagram has 100% backup of main process equipment and is equipped by shut-off valves with remote or automatic control of technological process. If there is any emergency situation the GTU process flow diagram will shut off inlet and outlet pipelines and automatically discharge gas to a flare. This will help to protect all gas facility.охранно-пожарной сигнализация, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктары

GTU is equipped by an automatic fire fighting system, a gas control system and fire and security alarm. All processing units have a forced venting.

Automatic control system of technological processes (ACS TP) in GTU is based on Simatic S7-1200 and S7-300 controllers manufactured by Siemens.

ACS covers the following functions:

САУ ППГ, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктарыСАУ ППГ, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктарыСАУ ППГ, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктарыСАУ ППГ, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктары

САУ ППГ, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктары

  • remote control of shut-off valves and other process equipment;
  • control of unauthorized penetration in GTU;
  • control of gas contamination in the GTU premises;
  • control of the fire and security alarm system;
  • transmission of information about the status of equipment and process to the operator’s panel;
  • automatic activation of exhaust fans and warning light and sound alarm when the allowable concentration of combustible gases is increased;
  • automatic discharge of condensate from the filters into the condensate collection tank;
  • automatic cut-off of gas supply to the boilers when the permissible concentration of combustible gases is exceeded;
  • technological information recording, compilation and printing of collected data and reports;
  • transfer of technological parameters, information on gas consumption and pre-alarm signals to the control room through a leased line, telephone line, GSM, etc.

The input registry cabinet is equipped by UPS with gel-type batteries, ensuring the power supply to ACS TP in case of power outage for a period of 48 hrs. The information regarding the power outage, battery charge level and electric meter data are sent through ACS TP to the operator’s room.

Working conditions of GTU

GTU is designed for operation in areas with moderate and moderate cold climate (UHL in Russian, NF in English) as well in regions with cold climate (HL in Russian, F in English). Climatic version of GTU is chosen depending on construction area according to the requirements of GOST 15150–69. GTU can be operated in regions with seismicity of 8.0 magnitude on the Richter scale according to the Russian construction regulation SNiP P-7-81. Designed snow load (200kgf/m2) complies with the requirements of the 5th territorial region; wind load (85kgf/m2) complies with the 7th territorial region according to the SNiP 2.01.07–85.

GTU configuration

пункт блок подготовки газа ППГ БППГ, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктарыPackaged gas treatment unit (PGTU)

Do not hesitate to contact us our specialists will do their best to provide you a detailed information as well they will develop and produce you GTU as per your individual project.

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