BatysMunaiGazZhabdyktary, LLP sells high-quality chimneys intended for venting flue gas from boilers into the atmosphere. We design, manufacture, deliver and install chimneys for modular boiler houses that operate on different types of fuel.

Our specialists from our design department design the chimneys to every boiler house individually taking into account the house operation at the maximum possible power, expansion and temperature loads in different periods of operation. Based on preliminary technical and economic calculations the choice of the optimum type of steel and coating of the structure is made. We can determine dimensions, diameter of the outlet opening and other design features of the structure depending on the climatic conditions of the construction area and the type of a burned fuel as well as a number of other factors.

High production standards and a correct installation being carried out by highly qualified specialists of BatysMunaiGazZhabdyktary, LLP, ensure the efficiency, durability and safety of the chimneys operation in boiler houses of any modification.


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