GSGO-100 Gas control cabinet


Gas control cabinets together with gas heaters are designed to reduce natural gases from a high or medium pressure to the required level according to the below table. As well the gas control cabinets are applied to supply gas of the required pressure to residential, communal and industrial buildings, industrial and agricultural facilities.



Working mediumNatural gas
Inlet pressure, MPa1,2
Throughout capacity of GCC m3/h at inlet pressure Р=0.1-1.2 MPa2800-19000
Parameters, MPa GSGO 100 GSGO 100-01 GSGO 100-02 GSGO 100-03 GSGO 100-04 GSGO 100-05 GSGO 100-06
Pressure setting range at the outlet, MPa 0,002-0,0040,004-0,0160,016-0,040,04-0,060,06-0,10,1-0,250,25-0,6
Setting range of pressure for dump valve actuation, MPa0,0023-0,0050,005-0,020,02-0,050,05-0,0750,075-0,1260,126-0,30,3-0,7
Setting control of gas stop auto control during outlet pressure increasing, MPa0,0025-0,0060,006-0,0220,022-0,060,06-0,080,08-0,140,14-0,320,32-0,75
Setting control of gas stop auto control during outlet pressure decreasing, MPa 0,0003-0,0020,001-0,0030,002-0,0030,01-0,030,01-0,060,05-0,120,1-0,4
Overall dimensions, mm, not more length3240
Overall dimensions, mm, not more width900
Overall dimensions, mm, not more height2100
Weight, kg, not more1470

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