Automated Process Control System (APCS) of a Gas Regulating Unit (GRU)

Системы автоматизированного управления технологическими процессами САУ ТП ПГБ


APCS is designed to accumulate data from commercial natural gas flow metering units, to control working parameters of GRU and to transfer information to a control center via GPRS channels.

Configuration of automation equipment of GRU

Process compartment:

    1. pressure sensors;
    2. temperature sensors;
    3. gas flow metering systems;
    4. intrusion sensors;
    5. gas pollution detectors.

Process compartment

II. Telemetry and communication compartment

A climatic version of the equipment is designed for ambient air temperature range from 0 to +60°С. All versions of equipment have heating cabinets. It is necessary that the control room must be connected to the Internet with a public static IP address and as well must be equipped with a special software.

GRU with APCS is designed for operation in areas with moderate (N) and moderately cold climate (NF) and as well in areas with cold climate (F). Climatic version of GRU with APCS is chosen depending on construction area and according to the requirements of GOST 15150-69. APCS can be installed in areas where earthquakes with magnitude of 9.0 on the Richter scale (construction standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan SNiP 2.03-30-2006) can occur. Designed snow load (200 kgf/m2) conforms with the requirements of the 5th territorial area; wind load (85 kgf/m2) conforms with the requirements of the 7th territorial area according to SNiP 2.01.07-85.

APCS, telemetry and communication cabinet

ACS equipment is installed in a telemetry and communication compartment that is divided from the process compartment by a gas-proof barrier.

APCS equipment can be installed in an explosion-proof cabinet (it is for installation in an explosive area).

To ensure communication between GRU and the central dispatch office (CDO) the following link channels can used:

  • physical leased or switched wire communication line;
  • radio or mobile communication (GSM standard*);
  • mobile Internet (GPRS standard**).
* It is necessary to have a paid-up SIM card with Circuit Switched Data (CSD) transmission service.
** It is necessary to have a paid-up SIM card with GPRS packet data service.

Equipment of the central dispatch office (CDO)

1. Server* for information accumulation, control and storage.
2. Backup server* for information accumulation, control and storage.
3. Operator’s workstation:

    • displaying of information on consumers (general view of a final facility/consumer of GRU);
    • displaying of a current and an archival data connecting with the consumer (flow rate, pressure, temperature);
    • control of automation object.

4. Communication equipment.
5. Uninterruptible power supply source (UPS).
6. Printer(s) for reports printing

* The server can serve functions of workstation operator.

the operator of workstation

SCADA cabinet

Basic functions of the CDO:

  • accumulation and storage of information received from equipment;
  • control for technological process of gas supply;
  • message retrieval on exceptional situations/problems or accidents and their logging;
  • to provide a current and an archival information to clients;
  • to provide a current and an archival information on gas flow metering and to keep information about consumers in the server;
  • standby data storage.


sautppgb 2



Equipment that is installed in GRU and in a gas flow metering skids for consumers


APCS of GRU is equipped according to the customer’s requirements. Would you be so kind to fill in our Questionnaire that you can find in our website.

Goluboye Plamya GRU with APCS

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