AGRS- 200 Automated gas distribution station

АГРС - 200

Automated Gas Distribution Modular Station is designed to reduce high pressure of natural and associated petroleum gas to the specified low pressure and its maintenance with a required accuracy as well as for gas flow metering and odorization before gas supplying to consumers.

AGRS-200: Specification

Name Value
Gas pressure at the inlet of AGDS (Рin) 1.2-7.5 MPa (to 10.0 MPa)
Gas pressure at the outlet of AGDS (Рout) 0,3-1,2 МПа;
Basic rated gas flow of AGDS between pressure Рin.=2.2 kgf/cm2 and Рout.=0.6 kgf/cm2 (at gas temperature of 0 °С) 258,000 Nm3/h

Inlet nominal diameter (DNin), mm at inlet pressure (Рin) 2.2 MPa (at gas temperature of 0 °С)

Outlet nominal diameter (DNout), mm at out pressure (Рout) 0.6 MPa (at gas temperature of 0 °С)



Backup of the reduction system flowrate According to specification
Accuracy of gas pressure maintenance at the AGDS outlet ± 5%
Odorization automatic
Emergency alarm remote transmission of common emergency alarm
Electric power. Power consumption, kW 380V to 12.0
Number of outlets to a consumer One (more than one is on request)
Dimensions and weight are according to specification under an individual project.  
Проект автоматизированной газораспределительной станции АГРС 200

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