Modular gas regulating unit (MGRU)

Modular gas regulating unit (MGRU)

4859-003-55402257–2009 Specification
Usage Permit No. РРС-04-11 000 356

Application of a modular gas regulating unit (MGRU)

Modular gas regulating units are designed:

  • to decrease a high and medium natural gas pressure to the required range and its automatic maintenance within the set limits according to GOST 5542;
  • to purify gas from mechanical impurities;
  • to measure gas flow for commercial and process needs;
  • automatically to shut off of gas supply during emergency increase and decrease of the outlet pressure.

MGRU are applied for gas distribution and gas consumption systems in industrial and public utility spheres.

Working conditions:

The modular gas regulating units (MGRU) are designed for operation in areas with moderate (U in Russian, N in English) and moderately cold (UHL in Russian and NF in English) climate as well in areas with cold climate (HL in Russian, F in English). Climatic type of MGRU is chosen depending on a construction area according to the requirements of GOST 15150–69. MGRU can withstand 8.0-magnitude earthquake according to the Construction regulation SNiP P-7-81. Designed snow load (200kgf/m2) complies with the requirements of the 5th territorial region; wind load (85kgf/m2) conforms the 7th territorial region according to SNiP 2.01.07–85.

The modular gas regulating unit consists of:

The structure of the modular gas regulating units depends on a technical design assignment and on the basis of this assignment MGRU can include: a gas purification skid, a gas flow measuring skid, a gas reducing skid, a heating skid (a boiler house), instrumentation and automation cabinet with ACS TP and telemetry.

узел замера газа, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктары

узел редуцирования давления газа, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктары

узел обогрева блоков котельная, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктары

отсек КИПиА с САУ ТП и телеметрией, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктары

Gas measuring skid Gas purification skid Gas pressure reducing skid Heating skid (boiler house) Instrumentation and automation cabinet with APCS and telemetry

The design of the gas purification skid includes filters with 100% or 50% backup (depending on the customer's requirements) as well there is an automatic switching from working filters to backup and automatic discharge of condensate into a condensate collection tank.

The gas pressure reducing skid includes working and backup reducing lines with 100% or 50% backup). As well there is an automatic switching from main gas pressure reducing lines to a backup one.пожарно-охранной сигнализацией, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктары

MGRU is equipped with a gas detection system, a fire and security alarm system and APCS of MGRU.

САУ ТП ПГБ, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктарыAPCS of MGRU based on SIEMENS automatically controls isolation valves and monitors correct operation of all process equipment. Protective algorithms of APCS ensure a high operational safety. Thus, MGRU is insulated from gas supply if pressure deviates from the set range, if there is any fire signal or if the concentration of combustible gases in the compartments is exceeded. Process parameters and alarm signals are remotely transmitted to the control room (via a leased line, a telephone line, GSM, etc.). ACS has a backup power designed for 3 hours of autonomous operation (according to the specification it can be up to 3 days).


Technical data and specification of MGRU with a working and a backup reducing lines

Name of the unit Type of regulator Inlet gas pressure, MPa Outlet gas pressure, kPa Capacity, Nm3/h
PGB-01-2 RDNK-50 1,2 02.03.05 720
PGB-01P-2 RDNK-50P 03.05.05 720
PGB-01U-2 RDNK-U 02.05.09 800
PGB-400-2 RDNK-400





PGB-400М-2 RDNK-400М 480
PGB-07-2 RDNK-1000 720
ПГБ-03М1-2 РДСК-50М-1









01.10.40 624
PGB-03М1-2 RDSK-50М-1 40-100 800
PGB-ОZМZ-2 RDSK-50М-3 270-300 960
ПГБ-11Н-2 РДП-50Н 0,5-60 6032
PGB-ОZBМ-2 RDSK-50BМ 60-600 6032
PGB-11N-2 RDP-50N 01.05.60 5496
PGB-11V-2 RDP-50V 60-600 5496
PGB-13N-2 RDG-50N 01.05.60 11680
PGB-13V-2 RDG-50V 60-600 11680
PGB-15N-2 RDG-80N 01.05.60 25600
PGB-15V-2 RDG-80V 60-600 25600
PGB-16N-2 RDG-150N 0,5-60 24080
PGB-21N-2 RDP-YuОN 60-600 24080
PGB-50-2 RDBK1-50 01.01.60 5200
PGB-50P-2 RDBK1P-50 30-600 5200
PGB-100-2 RDBK1-100 01.01.60 19907
PGB-100P-2 RDBK1P-100 30-600 19907
PGB-31-2 RDO-1-16/25


1-240 70-530 180-1050

PGB-33-2 RDO-1-16/50 9520
PGB-35-2 RDO-1-16/100 33760
PGB-36-2 RDO-1-16/150 73440
PGB-37-2 RDO-1-16/200 115360


Process equipment of MGRU is placed in a block container that protects it from influence of climatic factors and unauthorized access. The MGRU block-container consists of an all-welded metal frame, mounted on a rigid frame of sections. Incombustible mineral wool plates on the basis of basalt fiber are used as a heat keeping material; hydro and vapor insulation is also provided. The interior decoration of the walls and ceiling are made with a painted corrugated sheet metal C8 that is fixed to the frame through a magnesium oxide wallboard (magnesia board) (non-combustible material) to minimize so called “cold bridges”. Exterior finish: walls from metal siding, roofs from corrugated sheet metal MP-20. The block container is divided into two rooms by a sealed separated wall: the first room is for process equipment and the second room is for a heating system and an automated process control system (APCS MGRU). Each room has a separate entrance.

Our technical specialists will handle your application as soon as possible and provide their expert assistance in selecting the configuration of equipment and components.

BatysMunaiGazZhabdyktary, LLP has experience in developing MGRU of various modifications: with two or more outputs, with different regulators (medium and low pressure) and with large gas capacities (up to 500,000 Nm3/h or more).

Пункт газорегуляторный блочный ПГБ, производитель БатысМунайГазЖабдыктары

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