Solid fuel boiler houses


A solid fuel boiler house is an effective source for heating and hot water supply for residential, industrial, agricultural and other facilities. Such boiler houses are mostly applied in areas where there is no any gas supply pipelines and in places with frequent power failures. As a main fuel for these boiler houses is wood, coal, peat and wood waste. The choice of fuel for each boiler house is determined individually. Usually the choice is based on the availability of certain combustible materials in the area of the house operation. Taking this into account, coal boiler houses are popular in places of coal mining; wood boiler houses are for woodworking enterprises. At facilities that are planned to be connected to gas communications, boiler houses are often designed as combined because in the future gas will be a main fuel while solid fuel will be a reserve one.


  • Self-sustainment. The solid fuel boiler house allows establishing a completely independent from the external communications heat supply system. It is especially important for remote areas where it is difficult to connect to central networks.
  • Economic efficiency. Coal, wood and other solid fuels are universally available and are relatively inexpensive materials; that is why such boiler houses are more popular in comparison with other types of MBH.
  • Efficiency. Modern technologies applying during production of packaged solid fuel boiler houses allow establishing fully automated heat supply facilities with a high level of energy conversion efficiency.

Versions of solid fuel boiler houses

BatysMunaiGazZhabdyktary, LLP designs, produces and installs solid fuel boiler houses of different versions. The configuration of each unit and technological equipment that is installed inside is determined by our specialists after a detailed analysis of the features of operation of a future facility and individual requirements of a Customer.

Our company provides a full range of services such as design, production, delivery, installation and after-sale maintenance. We guarantee a high level of service, reliability and efficiency of delivered solid fuel boiler houses.


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