Safety shut-off valves KPO

Клапаны предохранительно-запорные КОП


Dangerous production facilities of oil and gas industrial sector, gas distribution and consumption network.

Purpose of usage

Safety shut-off valves KOP are designed to stop automatically the supply of non-aggressive hydrocarbon gases to consumers while increasing or decreasing the monitored gas pressure beyond specified limits.


Nominal pressure (PN) is 10.0 MPa. Climatic version is moderately cold climate (NF) category 2 in accordance with GOST 15150-69.


The valves consist of pilot regulators RD-PS, RD-DS and piston-type valves used as actuating devices, with a nominal diameter from 25 to 200 mm.


The valves are installed at a gas pipeline in front of a gas pressure regulator, while pulsed gas to RD-DS pilot regulator is taken in front of the valve, but gas for RD-PS regulator is taken after the gas pressure regulator. If gas pressure decreases in front of the regulator, RD-DS pilot valve will supply a control pressure to the piston of the gas piston valve and the valve closes. If pressure increases limit values after the gas pressure regulator, the pilot RD-PS delivers the control pressure to the gas valve piston and the valve closes.

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